Grand Canyon had a humbling effect.  The power of nature and time is amazing. So too is the beauty of something that God has made and all we can do is stand back in awe at his creation.  Sometimes we forget that we are God's creation as well and are "awesome".

Today is a cloudy day here in Beaverton Oregon.  Rumor has it that the snow is going to come either on Thanksgiving or the weekend after.  Until then we will have rain.  I actually don't mind the rain. In fact, I rather enjoy the freshness and crispness of the air. Plus its so peaceful. Almost as good as a foot of snow without of course the wind and extreme cold.  That isn't so much fun.

Each day there is something to celebrate.  I try to find that something and post it. It is an easy task since there are so much beauty to see. It is all around us. All it takes is the time to stop and SEE it....
Ah, the Caribbean headed for the Panama Canal.  We have been on several cruises, but I think the one is my favorite, both because of the itinerary and the cabin we had. This image is taken from our balcony. I was fabulous.